Designer of things.


I’m an interface designer living in Vancouver and studying Computer Science at the University of British Columbia.

I specialize in web design, semantic and standards-compliant web development, and web optimizations. I’m also working on typography and type design, though I’m not quite an expert in that area yet.


Brick is an open source webfont service that focuses on delivering better render quality and font features in every browser running on any operating system.


Rainforest makes it easy for you to find bugs in your site every time you ship. I helped them design and publish various key landing and onboarding pages.


Jekyll is a simple static site generator and the engine behind GitHub Pages. As a contributor and member of the Core team, I help patch bugs, submit features, and maintain plugins.


Wylst is a software and design lab with a concentration on super simple, open source tools and utilities for the web.

In progress

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You can find me on GitHub, Dribbble, and LinkedIn. You can also reach me through email.