Designing and
building delightful


I'm an interface designer and developer living in beautiful Vancouver and studying Computer Science at the University of British Columbia.

I specialize in web design, typography, and front-end development, but I also love working with lower parts of the stack (software engineering, systems administration).


Webfonts that
actually look good.

Brick is an open-source webfont service with a focus on serving webfonts that render beautifully in any browser.

Now, one and a half years after launching in March of 2014, Brick serves more than 800 thousand requests each day.


Simple, blog-aware, static sites.

Jekyll is a static site generator: Markdown, Liquid, HTML, and CSS go in, and a static site comes out ready for deployment. It powers thousands of sites, including, several GitHub microsites, Barack Obama's campaign website, and this site itself.

After making my first contribution in the summer of 2014, I quickly became involved in the community supporting Jekyll, and am now a member of the Core team maintaining the project.


A messaging app for teams.

Slack collects all of your team's communications (messages, files, documents, even from external integrations) in one place, where it's searchable and available whenever, wherever.

As a front-end development intern at one of the fastest-growing startups in the world, I gained a lot knowledge and experience working with the amazing team of developers, designers, and product managers.

Some of my projects included working with the design team from concept to launch implementing a redesign of the landing page, and creating a friendly, performant, and extensible searchable select box component to replace Chosen.js app-wide.

Other projects


Rainforest makes QA easy. I helped them design a landing page for their Deployment Academy blog series, and a new signup flow to increase conversion rate.


Calc is a simple, fast, and intuitive command-line calculator written in Go.


Wylst is a collection of open-source utilities to help make web development easier and simpler.

Get in touch

I'm not taking on new projects at the moment, though I might have room for one or two. And feel free to just say hi!